I'm sitting at a red light minding my own business when the car next to me starts honking like crazy, when I look up it's 3 young guys in a car, staring at me

Me: Yes?
Guy #1: *MUFFLED*
Me: What?
Guy #2: *muffled* single
Me: Why am I single? (amused)
Guy #2: Are you single? He (guy #3) wants to know.
Me: How old is he?
Guy #2: He's like 25, he's turning 25!
Me: Tell him he's sweet but he's like a decade late.
Guy #1: Damn, baby you look good though, age ain't nothing but a number! Can he get your number?
Me: Thank you and the answer is no.
Guy #2: Oh c'mon, let's all go to Applebees.
  1. honeyhydrangea said: YOU SHOULD HAVE WENT TO APPLEBEES
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  5. vegetable said: applebees—really???
  6. msbhaven said: Story of my life. Though I like to add it’s older guys too. I always say, ‘Oh pumpkin, you gotta be this old and this tall to get on the ride.’
  7. cinemamonamour said: lol, Isa you’re a hearthbreaker!
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