Anonymous said: bacon is gross and unhealthy

IT’S UNHEALTHY???!!!! OH. MY. GOD, why didn’t anyone tell me?? What are you going to claim next, that smoking is bad for you??

  1. msbhaven said: I just posted a picture of my most favorite donut ever - the Maple Bacon. I also have Torani’s Bacon syrup. BTW we tried mixing it with syrups at work (SBUX) and so gross. Bacon is its own food group. People are weird & should respect bacon.
  2. modsunsstonergirl said: The right kind of bacon actually has healthy fat. One ounce of grass fed uncured bacon has a good balance of omega 3s and 6s. And it tastes damn good :)
  3. memories-like-stars said: Right on!
  4. putmeinyourpocketmike said: lollllll
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