1. I own tons of blank journals, I also start a journal but never finish it but people keep buying them for me for birthdays and holidays so I’ve amassed a good collection.
  2. I literally cannot fit one more pair of shoes in my room. So I’m on a shopping ban until further notice.
  3. My grandmother, a college English professor, would give me little presents here and there like Emily Browning’s collections of poems or a Robert Frost framed poem since she knew I loved writing poetry.
  4. I write poetry.
  5. I’m very close to my younger brother despite us being polar opposites; he’s a tug for life with a prison record and I’m a bookish and slightly proper and according to him use words most people do not understand.

:) Thank you for the tag!

  1. msbhaven said: Thanks for sharing! I don’t remember you sharing this on LJ. One question: what’s a tug? Or was that supposed to be thug?
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