‘There were rumours of romance between Deborah and Brynner, who was a ladies’ man. Once, after the vocal rehearsals, Marni Nixon asked Deborah to have lunch with her in the commissary. Deborah turned her down with a conspiratorial wink, asking if they could do it some other time because she was having lunch with a ‘very sexy person’. Nixon thought perhaps Tony was coming to visit. Then suddenly, the huge ground to ceiling doors of the rehearsal stage opened and a Cadillac convertible appeared with the top down. The license plate read ‘Y-U-L’. The car stopped and Brynner, in all his glory, emerged. He wore tight fitting black pants, a black sleeveless leather jacket with no shirt, and black leather boots with silver stirrups. Around his neck was a necklace with an icon hanging from it. Preceding him were two German Shepherd dogs straining at the leash which he held in one hand. In the other hand was a very long, professional, hand-tooled leather whip. He lifted the whip high above his head and snapped it in the air. After releasing the dogs, with the broadest smile, he stretched out his arms and his trademark ‘King of Siam’ voice, proclaimed to everyone within earshot: ‘I am here!’ Brynner bowed to Deborah, took her arm, and they left to lunch.’

-Deborah Kerr: An Autobiography - Michelangelo Capua

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    My mum always loved this man.
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    -Deborah Kerr: An Autobiography - Michelangelo Capua
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